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William Carson Winter Haven, from the heart of Polk County, Florida, is a recognized name in the real estate development industry. He is a founder and partner of a prominent real estate development company with a valid general contractors license from the state of Florida. Carson completed his education at Tallahassee Community College, located in Leon County, in the northwestern region of the iconic Sunshine State.

A firm believer in giving back to society, Carson supports several charitable institutions, non-profit organizations, and numerous beneficial initiatives. He is particularly interested in supporting sporting events geared towards charity in his hometown, Winter Haven. Besides his professional engagements and philanthropic contributions, Carson indulges in various hobbies and activities. He enjoys spending his free time boxing, fishing, playing football and golf, and hunting.

Carson heads S&C Development Group, a renowned general contracting firm based out of Florida. The firm's primary office resides in Winter Haven, Polk County, and oversees projects that range from 1,200 sq. ft. to a mammoth 300,000 sq. ft. With an expert team bringing together over half a century of combined experience, S&C Development Group seamlessly takes a project from its initial planning stages to its completion. This firm's reputation for delivering top-quality results rests on the shoulders of its diligent employees, who epitomize professional excellence and commitment to their craft. Carson brings his profound expertise to the table, specializing in new residential and commercial construction, existing building renovations, and site work.

In addition to S&C Development Group, Carson holds a senior partner position at Ridge Capital Development, focusing on real estate and development capital. Ridge Capital Development shares its home base with S&C Development Group in Winter Haven, Florida. It is a prominent player in construction, land development, real estate, and single-family and multi-family homes.

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William Carson Winter Haven
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